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India Most Preferred Realty Destination in Asia Pacific Region
December 29,2010

India has been ranked as the most preferred real estate destination among the Asia Pacific region as foreign investors still consider the country to be extremely viable, according to a report on Thursday. “India, and particularly Mumbai and New Delhi, are ranked the foremost real estate market destinations as the residential properties have maintain the growth momentum, and foreign investors still consider this market to be extremely viable,” the ULI-PwC report, ‘Emerging trends in Real Estate in Asia Pacific 2011′, said.

Going forward, the report forecast that India will continue to maintain a GDP growth momentum of 9-10% by 2015, as Asia’s third-largest economy will witness new private equity in capital markets which will inject capital in infrastructure projects. The survey has ranked Mumbai at the third position, two notches higher than its previous position, as the most promising investment market and first

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